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Mushroom Bridge is a race track in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and is the first track of Flower Cup. The bridge is very ornate and beautiful. It is similar to Mushroom City, only during the day and with fewer buildings. The background music is reused in Mushroom City. This track has traffic consisting of red and blue cars, Bob-omb Cars, Mushroom Cars, trucks, buses, and Wiggler Buses. The traffic also reappears in Mushroom City. This track returns in Mario Kart DS with many of the shortcuts and alternate routes taken out. In the DS, Missions 5-5 and 7-Boss take place here. Mario is in both of them. 5-5 features him having to go through a lap in the opposite direction within the time limit. 7-Boss features him having to race Wiggler to the finish within 3 laps.


  • At the beginning of the race, turn right and go down a little crevice. There is a pipe that will take you to the main road after hitting a Double Item Box. for MKDD
  • After the first tunnel, use a Mushroom to go through the sand on the hill to the right. for all games
  • After the second tunnel, drive on the top of the left or right bridge rail. for MKDD


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Mushroom Bridge
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