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Mushroom City is the second track of the Star Cup in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

It is set inside a large city with Mushroom-shaped buildings that line the course. It has multiple branching paths, but they all lead to the finish line. Unlike Mushroom Bridge, Mushroom City takes place at night and shares its music with that track.

The hazards in this course are cars, trucks, Wiggler Wagons, and Bomb-cars. The cars, trucks, and buses make the player spin. The Wiggler Wagons and Bomb-cars both flip the player and make their rear character helpless. There are also Mushroom Cars which, unlike the other vehicles, drop Mushrooms when hit.


Players begin at the end of a highway and drive straight, then make a U-turn to the right, leading to the road floor of the city. After the U-turn, the player will then be on another long straight with two branching paths, both of which are 90-degree turns. Should the player take the one near the U-turn, they will run into another 90-degree turn going to the left underneath the highway overhang while the turn at the far end reaches the intersection, where a Double Item Box can be found in the center.

When the players reach the intersection, they have the option of staying on the same path or switching paths. After choosing, the player will then continue down the road until they run into another 90-degree turn going to the left. Once the roads merge, the player will then see a row of Item Boxes on a path that leads back to the highway they were originally under. This time, the player has to evade oncoming traffic and try not to fall into the gap below.


  • After the first branching path off the right of the main road near the beginning of the track, stay close to the right wall. A purple-shaded alleyway is there that twists in an S-curve. A double item box is present at the end of the alleyway.

There is also a dirt path on the far right of the highway section that players can cross over with a Mushroom or a Star.


  • Because of the track's layout, Mushroom City is often considered to be one of the most confusing tracks in the game.
  • Rainbow Road is above this track in single player mode. However, it is absent in multiplayer mode.
  • This is the only Star Cup track from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! that hasn't reappeared in any later games.
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