The Nintendo 64 (N64 for short) is a console released by Nintendo in 1996. It is the host console for Mario Kart 64, the first 3D Mario Kart game. Its graphics were very revolutionary and has four controller ports instead of two compared to its predecessor, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and its similar graphics to its successor, the Nintendo GameCube. Critics rated the Nintendo 64 very well. This console was discontinued in 2001.


Nintendo 64's logo

Nintendo 64 Disk Drive

A remake of the N64 called the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (N64DD for short), was made to play games on a disk. there were no Mario Kart games on this console and was never released outside Japan, most likely due to being a commercial failure.


  • This console is the first Nintendo console that allows for four-player gameplay.
  • When playing three- or four-player races or battles, no music is played due to the console not being powerful enough.
  • The Nintendo 64 was originally going to be called the "Ultra 64".