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The Offroader is a heavyweight kart in Mario Kart Wii. It reassembles a Sandrail. It is camouflage printed in whatever the character's colors are. It is the second heaviest vehicle in the game, aside from the Piranha Prowler, but it has the worst drift among the karts and is only saved from the cellar by the Phantom, and it is the slowest large kart in the game, only being faster than the Wario Bike. Its bike-counterpart is the Wario Bike.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 39
Weight 64
Acceleration 48
Handling 54
Drift 18
Offroad 43
Mini-Turbo 45

Ghost Usage



  • Despite it being called the "Offroader", it has average off-road stats.
  • If players get a boost off the start line or use any mushroom, the kart will do a wheelie on its back wheels.
  • Besides the Bull Bars, This kart's body shape reassembles the Pipe Frame.
  • The kart's wheels reassemble the Koopa King's wheels. But without the "razor" design on the wheels.