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Pauline is one of the most classic Nintendo characters as she is one of the 3 video game characters that appeared in Donkey Kong (1981). She would only appear in the Mario vs Donkey Kong series (2004-2013) until she appeared in Super Mario Odyssey (2017) (with a significant role as a mayor), Mario Tennis Aces (2018) (as free DLC) and finally, in Mario Kart Tour (2019), making her first Mario Kart appearance.


Pauline is represented as being sweet, and caring as well as having a sense of humour. This is shown in Super Mario Odyssey where she is the mayor of New Donk City. Pauline seems to think highly of herself, but not enough to be considered egotistic. Pauline is also quite fashionable, as evidenced by her clothing.


  • Mario Kart Tour: In Mario Kart Tour, Pauline appears with a long glittery red dress and black high heels. She wears a red hat and golden earrings and bracelets. She has a reddish-brownish long hair and blue eyes with purple makeup. She also wears dark red nail polish.


  • Pauline is one of the oldest video game characters, firstly appearing in Donkey Kong (1981).
    • She also had a different appearance, with blonde hair and a pink dress.