A Pie, apart from being a tasty snack enjoyed by people and racers alike, is an Item that was introduced in Mario Kart Arcade GP. Similar to the Blooper, obstructs the view of opponents with cream.

Because it's classified as a Basic Item, Pies don't have to be unlocked any of the games they appear in (all 3 of the Mario Kart arcade games. This item is arcade-exclusive.


Mario (Pie)

Mario's a part-time racer, part-time clown.

After hitting an Item Box and obtaining a Pie, you are now free to throw it behind you (no, it cannot be flung straight forwards like some can) at an approaching racer. Similar to shooting a Green Shell backwards, excellent aim is needed to actually hit someone because flies in a straight line. If you do manage to hit an opponent, the Pie will splatter all over their windshield/face. The cream makes seeing the road a very difficult task. No damage is inflicted though, so in a way, the pie is like a less powerful Blooper because it can't obstruct them for sure, only hits a maximum of one, and that one has to be behind your kart.


Mario (Pie) (2)

Cream covers DK's face...

Place behind Items are usually the way to go when you want to avoid any enemy racer Item attacks. Pies have the capability to block incoming projectiles. Just use it once the Item is nearly upon you. That excellent aim has come into effect one again, though. Most of the times, blocks with a Pie won't happen. If an Item is up ahead of you, your best choice is to dodge, because Pies for some odd reason can't be chucked forwards. It's against game rules...


If you're on the receiving end of these Pies, it's both good AND even MORE good... first, you get a delicious treat right in your face. But if you don't like that, than it should please you that Pies don't home in on opponents like so many Mario kart Arcade GP Items do. They go back in a straight line. So, using a Shell, Basin, Tornado, or any other forwards moving Item should deflect the Pie. Also, Items that grant invincibility such as a Shield or Reflect Shield can block them.


  • Mario Kart Arcade GP also referred to these Items as Cream Pies.
  • Like most throwing or "placing" Items, the Pie has a tripled variant, the Triple Pie. As you might guess, it gives you three throws to hit racers behind you.
  • There's a seemingly unrelated Item known as the Pie Kart in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. They share the same basis of pies but do two totally different things.