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Pink Gold Peach (ピンクゴールドピーチ) is an unlockable character in Mario Kart 8 and is playable from the start in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. She is the pink golden counterpart of Princess Peach and is a heavyweight racer. She is unlocked after beating a random Grand Prix

She is also an unlockable character in Mario Kart Tour and was announced in the Mario Kart Tour Vol. 3 News for the Winter Cup.


Pink Gold Peach happens to look exactly like Princess Peach as far as shape goes. Her dress can be made out, along with her elegant gloves, skirt, and brooch. She also has the same hairstyle as Peach, with bangs and a ponytail-- her crown and earrings, too. The only trait that separates Pink Gold Peach from the original is she's composed completely of pink gold.

Pink Gold Peach also has a special biker suit when driving Bikes. She has the identical features of Princess Peach when she is also changed into her suit, and has racing boots and gloves, along with the suit. Her hair and accessories are still present but are also upgraded with a scarf, like when she is in her dress, she has a rose gold appearance.

How to Unlock

  • In Mario Kart 8, receive 1st Place in a random Grand Prix. It may take multiple Cups to obtain her.
  • In Mario Kart Tour, unlock her using the pipe.

Staff Ghost Tracks

* - Retro track


  • In Mario Sports Superstars, Pink Gold Peach is once again a playable character.
  • Pink Gold Peach is worth millions, if not billions of dollars. This is because gold is a really valuable metal, being worth $1,424.10 per ounce.
  • She is the 4th (or 3rd) character to be introduced in Mario Kart, the rest, in order, are Toadette, Baby Daisy, and Baby Rosalina.
    • Coincidentally, they are all females.
  • She is one of two characters that were introduced in Mario Kart 8 to make a first appearance in the Mario series, the other being Baby Rosalina.


Pink Gold Peach is hated by several fans (Mainly YouTuber Nathaniel Bandy) of the series due to wasting a character slot with a clone character instead of a unique character. though she has been defended by the likes of YouTubers such as NicoBBQ & Bathaniel Nandy.


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