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Pipe Plaza is a battle stage in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and it returns in Mario Kart DS as a retro battle stage.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Pipe Plaza consists of a large courtyard with a catwalk in the middle and four large pipes. The first two pipes head into a brick wall and are at ground level with the pavement. Two parallel ramps give an entrance to the catwalk. The large metal platform splits into two, with each section leading into a pipe. Entering one of the pipes makes you come out from another one in a split second, also in a straight line. The top ones lead to the lower ones and vice versa. All of the Karts exiting the pipes makes a great trap possibility. Putting an immobile Item like a Fake Item Box or such right at the entrance/exit will hit the Kart that has just come out, as they cannot dodge it. You can even wait outside the pipe until someone comes and hit them smack with an unavoidable Green Shell. The wire mesh that makes up the catwalk is also a hazard. Although it does give elevation advantage from Red Shells and other Items, it cannot withstand the blast force of a Bob-omb. So you may just be driving along peacefully, and the ground below you erupts into a fiery explosion. Another deadly factor in this stage is how closed in it is; Except for the pipe holes, Green Shells (even more dangerous, Triple Green Shells) will bounce around everywhere, and with eight characters driving around, the mayhem and destruction are unexplainable.

As for the background, it has smiling clouds and hilltops, and the platform is dark gray with orange edges.

Mario Kart DS

The Mario Kart DS version of Pipe Plaza is pretty much the same as Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Aside from Balloon Battle, it can now be played for Shine Runners (in place of Bob-omb Blast). In Mission Mode, Mission 3-5 is held here. Yoshi has to drive through all eight numbered gates in order.


  • Although Characters can traverse through pipes, Items that are thrown through them will not exit another pipe (However, if you have your Item deployed behind you, they will still surface on the other side along with you). This makes pipes a great escape route from Red Shells.
  • This battle course has replaced Block City in the final version of Mario Kart DS.
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