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A Poison Mushroom is an exclusive Item for two select racers in Super Mario Kart- Princess and Toad. However, it's only available for CPU controlled characters; otherwise, you get the regular Question Blocks.


Toad near a Poison Mushroom (*note- he did not throw it, since he is player controlled).

Usually, Poison Mushrooms are thrown out right in front of your kart. However, Princess and Toad can also drag them behind their karts, so don't hit them from behind.

If you hit a Poison Mushroom, you get shrunken down to a very small size, similar to the Lightning Bolt, which causes you to lose speed. Another kart can then proceed to drive over you to flatten you, causing you to lose even more time. This danger makes it very important to get an antidote. The first is to sacrifice yourself and get crushed, but a more reasonable way is to hit another Poison Mushroom... it returns you to normal somehow. And yes, they can also return you to normal size after a Lightning strike.

In Mario Kart Arcade GP, Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, and Mario Kart Arcade GP DX the Poison Mushroom is a special item for Toad, but here the player can use it.



  • A Mega Mushroom has nearly the same coloration as a Poison Mushroom, with the yellow cap and red spots, and yet they have the complete opposite effect.
  • Unlike previous installments of Mario Kart, the Poison Mushroom now has a purple cap with green spots or violet spots.