The Power Flower is one of Daisy's karts in Mario Kart DS, the others being Standard DS and Light Dancer.


The Power Flower is a nice, old-school car. The color scheme is orange and yellow (just like Daisy's dress), headlights and a small windshield are present (the windshield really doesn't protect her from wind or anything because it's about 4 inches tall.), and the back tires are slightly larger than the front tires. The kart also as a silver grille in the front. All in all, it's a nice kart guys and gals.


Daisy's Power Flower has an excellent item stat, with above-average acceleration, weight, and speed, but suffers from having the awkward combination of extremely poor handling and high drift, making it very hard to drive, and disallowing it from snaking at all.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 5.8
Acceleration 6.1
Weight 6.0
Handling 3.5
Drift 8.5
Items 10.0


  • This kart shares it's name with a power-up in Super Mario 64 DS.
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