The ROB-LGS is R.O.B.'s tall, three-wheeled robotic Kart with long leg extensions. This unique ride offers substantial Speed and Items stats, but it's Drift suffers greatly from the unusual wheel placement.

Mario Kart DS is so far the only game in which the ROB-LGS is offered. It can be played by all racers once unlocked.


ROB-LGS (Japanese Version) (2)

The red-painted HVC-LGS (ROB-LGS) from Japan.

Towering above all other vehicles in the game, the ROB-LGS are supported by thick metal braces, slanting backwards at about a 170 degree obtuse angle. These bars are painted violet/purple, and are implanted into a metallic panel. This panel has two small projections in the front which hold a pair of tiny wheels, even smaller than Roller Wheels, with gray treads and a yellow and red axel. The center of the wheel contraption is painted dull purple. At the back, a much larger tire is suspended between two spokes silver spokes, with the same design as the forward wheels. The cockpit, bolted high above the wheels, isn't two spacious. The dashboard slants downward and drops off into a grille, and the logo of the racer is displayed here. The steering wheel rests right above the hood, and the sides of the cabin have dark machinery and bolts running along the brim. The back of the vehicle is painted violet.

A variant of the ROB-LGS was released in Japan; the construction of the Kart remains the same, but a slight variation of color has been made- the parts that were previously purple/violet/gray (braces, parts of wheel panel, back) are now painted a deep, rich red, almost maroon.


R.O.B.'s ROB-LGS is a heavy kart, but not as heavy as karts from Wario or Bowser. Like most heavyweight karts, it has high top speed but only decent acceleration, but has R.O.B.'s unique high handling. It is also notorious for having the lowest drift in the game; whether that's a positive thing or not is up to opinion.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 9.0
Acceleration 4.8
Weight 8.9
Handling 6.0
Drift 2.5
Items 10.0


  • This kart is one of only two vehicles in the Mario Kart series to have three wheels, along with Waluigi's Zipper.
  • Other names for the ROB-LGS in different countries are: HVC-LGS (Japan),Robotikart (Spain), Mecha R.O.B. (France), R.O.B.-LGS (Germany), Turborob (Italy), and HVC-LEGS (Korea).
    • H.V.C. is R.O.B.'s product ID and name in Japan & Korea.
  • In actuality, the ROB-LGS are R.O.B.'s literal legs (where the name comes from), not a kart. So when racers use this vehicle, they are really driving in R.O.B.'s legs.
  • The Tyrant ties it for speed.
  • If Bowser is put in this kart, Bowser will block some of the "Select Kart" screen on the selection menu.



R.O.B in the ROB-LGS


ROB-LGS model

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