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Starman (Mario Kart Wii).png This article is about the DS variation. For a list of articles with the same name, see Rainbow Road. Starman (Mario Kart Wii).png

Rainbow Road's icon.

Rainbow Road (レインボーロード Reinbō Rōdo) is the last track of the Special Cup in Mario Kart DS. This track hasn't appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.

This Rainbow Road is unique to the Mario Kart series as it contains an upside-down loop and a twisting corkscrew, the only inversion in a Mario Kart track before the advent of anti-gravity sections in Mario Kart 8.

It begins with an intense downwards stretch, spanned by multiple Boost Pads to help kick off the race, and evolves into a course of long turns, sharp drops and inclines, narrow paths, and- the first of its kind in the series, upside-down loops. Players must survive through two of these loops with connecting paths before returning to the finish line.

Aesthetically, This Rainbow Road appears differently from its predecessors. While the previous Rainbow Roads have featured either tiled colors or horizontal stripes for its rainbow pattern, the pattern on this Rainbow Road is lined up vertically to the path. This has become a standard feature in later renditions. Like other Rainbow Roads, it takes place in outer space with a similar background to that of the N64 version.

Mission Mode


  • On the first turn, after the first two small boost pads, the player can turn around and use either a carefully-timed Mini-Turbo or a Mushroom to rush off the course. If done correctly, the player should actually land shortly before the first upside-down loop ends, skipping a large portion of the track.
  • After the first loop, on the stretch with the rings, the player can once again turn themselves around and speed off the course to their left with a Mini-Turbo or Mushroom. If the player travels far enough this way, Lakitu will pick them up and place them before the start of the second loop, once again skipping a large portion of the track.


Staff Ghost



  • The double helix at the beginning of the track is extremely similar to the one in GCN Rainbow Road.
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