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Renegade Roundup

Renegade Roundup is a new battle mode introduced in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The mode is part of the Battle Mode. In this mode, the players are split into two teams. The authority uses piranha plants to attack and capture the other team, the renegades. When a renegade is attacked by an authority's piranha plant, they will be sent to a cage on various points of the map. Free renegades can allow their captured allies back into the game by flipping the key switches under the cages.

The authority wins by capturing all the renegades before the time runs out, while the renegades win if any renegades are free when time runs out. The players on the winning side receive match points equal to the number of renegades they each captured/freed. In online matches, the winning side gains VR points, while the losing side loses VR points.

This battle mode's rules are very similar to Cops n' Robbers.

Honking one's horn while in a cage will display a "Help!" signal on the map in the cage where the person is in.

The Piranha Plants will change color depending on which team is the authority team. (The blue team's plants will be blue, and vice versa).


  • In this battle mode, neither team can see members of the other team on the map but some will pop up briefly if they can see each other.
  • However, if there are two players on opposite teams using the same system, all players will be visible on the map.
  • Renegades usually win this game. To compensate for this, the developers have made it impossible for the Renegades to win a whole match by playing perfectly, as the Renegades only get points for freeing their teammates.