Sherbet Rink is a battle stage in Mario Kart 7. This battle course hasn't appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.


As the name suggests, it is designed similarly to an ice-skating rink and is shaped somewhat like an oval and covered in ice. Although the ice can make it very hard for players not using Monster or Red Monster wheels to control their karts, a colored strip is located at the outside of the course that helps players control their karts better, not being slippery. Also, there is a large patch in the middle of the stage that is not iced over. Some Penguins are obstacles that can spin you out.


  • This is the third course in the Mario Kart series to be named after the popular dessert sherbet, joining the two Sherbet Land tracks.
  • It is the second ice-themed Battle Stage in the Mario Kart series. The first one was Battle Course 3 from Super Mario Kart.