In past Mario Kart games for consoles, the tried and true methods of defending against incoming Items were annoying Bananas and Shells. They blocked Items just fine.

However, Mario Kart Arcade GP has introduced the Shield, the newest and most practical way to defend. All the arcade games include this pretty straightforward Item, sometimes from the start, sometimes having to be unlocked.



This isn't Stick Empires, so we're not gonna have any shield bashing or any attacks with the Shield for that matter. This Special Item is specifically for defensive measures only, but you know what they say... defense is the best offense. ESPECIALLY for Mario Kart.


Bowser Jr. (Shield) (2)

Didn't know there were Destroyer Droids in Mario Kart...

After obtaining a Shield from a hexagonal Item Box, the object will be at the ready for the racer's use. Pressing the Item button enshrouds the player is a green -tinted, translucent sphere of energy. Every single Item from Green Shells to Tacks to Scuttlebugs fail in permeating this protective barrier. The shield lasts for a good time frame if untouched. But since projectiles are so rampant, you probably won't get to maximize the whole Shield life because one strike from an Item breaks it.


Because the Shield only benefits the user, there's no need to worry about protection from this Item; it's incapable of dealing any damage. Just keep an open eye out for other Items.


Shield (Item Roulette)

The Shield selected for the Special Item.

  • The temporary shield obtained by Drifting has nothing in comparison to this Shield's lifetime.
  • In the first Mario Kart arcade game, the Shield is classified a s a Prize Item and must be won. But in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 and Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, the Shield falls under Special Items 9it can not be thrown or dropped).
  • A better Item to procure would be a variant of the Shield, the Reflect Shield. Instead of just destroying the attack, this +1 on the Shield bounces it back, possible right to the thrower.
  • Because Bananas, Bob-ombs, and other Items that you could previously drag behind your kart CAN'T be anymore, this may be the only reason why the Shield even exists.


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