Shine Runners (Shy Guy)

Shy Guy about to snatch a Shine Sprite on Pipe Plaza.

Shine Runners is a Battle Mode exclusive to Mario Kart DS. Unlike the normal Balloon Battle, players' objective is to collect Shine Sprites to outlast other competitors.


Playable on any of the DS Battle Stages, the goal is to pick up Shine Sprites that randomly appear on the floor. There's usually a lot of at the beginning of the match, and in total there is 9 of them (preventing any ties). After 60 seconds, when players have had quite enough time to collect them, the racer (can be more than one) who have the least amount of Shine Sprites are eliminated. Then the segments for removal are narrowed down to half the time.

Of course, Shine Runners is a Battle Mode, so what would it be without a little Item mayhem!? Item Boxes are very plentiful, and whenever someone is damaged by a Shell, Banana, or even the savage Lightning (this unleashes chaos, as weak drivers will be left Shineless and be in a frenzy to pick up one before the 30 second alarm), one of their Shine Sprites will go flying (sometimes way out or just a few inches).

The ousting every 30 seconds continues until only one driver is left with the most Shine Sprites in storage. That player, of course, gets to be the winner.

A similar battle mode, called Shine Thief, appeared in the previous game, and then returned in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


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