A Shine Sprite is a collectible item in the Mario games. Its first appearance is in Super Mario Sunshine.

Shine Sprites have a resemblance to the sun, but they are golden in color. They are round and have eight points on them, and the top three have small dots on them. They also have black eyes.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Shine Sprites make there first appearance in the Mario Kart games in the Battle Mode, Shine Thief. In it, players have to try to get hold of a Shine Sprite before the time runs out.

Mario Kart DS

Shine Sprites make their next appearance in the Battle Mode, Shine Runners. Now, instead of one Shine Sprite, there is now nine of them. Racers try to compete on getting the most Shine Sprites. Hitting another player with an Item causes them to lose a Shine Sprite. Whichever racers have the least amount of Shine Sprites every minute are knocked off. The competition keeps going until only one character is still alive (You can't have a tie because there is only nine).

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Shine Sprites return in the Nintendo Switch port for Mario Kart 8, with Shine Thief as the returning mode, having the same function as their very first Mario Kart appearance.