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Not to be confused with Mushroom Bridge.

Shroom Ridge is the last track in the Flower Cup in Mario Kart DS. It is similar to all the tracks listed below.


There are buses, red cars, blue cars, and other traffic, that causes flipping and item dropping. The roads are narrow and in some parts, surrounded by cliff walls. It is on a mountainside, and like DK Pass, players can fall off the mountain. There are several flowerbeds like in Peach Gardens, and plenty of grass. The traffic drives on the left side of the road like in Great Britain and Australia or Japan (where the game was made), following how the other traffic courses in the series drive. Players can get back at the traffic by hitting them with a Bullet Bill or a Star. The vehicle will hop up and honk. If racers hit or go near a car or bus or truck, the car will honk. Even if they go through the car using a Boo, the car will honk anyway. Usually, one edge of the track has no railings, so hitting a car may result in falling and wasting and losing three or four seconds. 

Missions 3-7 and 4-3 take place here. Mission 3-7 features Donkey Kong having to perform 10 power-slide mini-turbos in one lap. Mission 4-3 features Mario having to race a red car to the finish. This course's Staff Ghost uses Toad in the Mushmellow.

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Shroom Ridge
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This is the only track from the Flower Cup that hasn't been remade yet.