The Slick tires are a set of unlockable wheels in Mario Kart 7 and in Mario Kart 8. In both of the games, they excel in speed and weight: in Mario Kart 7, they hinder in acceleration, handling, and off-road; in Mario Kart 8, they hinder in acceleration, and traction. Its stats are identical with the Cyber Slick.


Mario Kart 7

The Slick tires makes its first appearance in Mario Kart 7. In this game, they appear as thick black tires.

They are tied with Gold Tires for the strongest speed boost and also the lowest off-road boost. They are tied with Gold Tires, Monster and Red Monster for the lowest handling.

Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

They return in Mario Kart 8, having an updated appearance from the previous installment. Major changes on the design of the tires are made; they now have green lines circling around the white disk, and the series logo is printed on it.

A purple variant of the Slick, called the Cyber Slick, also appears in the said game, where they share the same stats.


Mario Kart 7

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed +1
Acceleration -0.25
Weight +0.25
Handling -1.25
Off-Road -2.5

Mario Kart 8

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed +0.5
Acceleration -0.25
Weight +0.25
Handling 0
Traction -1


  • This is one of the 3 tires that are mostly used for getting in to the top 10 Records for time trials. the other 2 are Gold Tires, and Cyber Slick, most likely for its remarkable speed.
  • Combining this with the Pipe Frame kart body (no matter the glider) makes for first ever kart in Mario Kart history.
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