The Standard ATV, also known as the Standard Quad is an ATV available from the start in Mario Kart 8. It is one of the four ATVs in the game.


Its body is red. It also has blue handle bars and red spindles, and the emblem of the character is placed at the front of the ATV. However, it changes color depending on the driver, having a wide variety of color schemes. It offers good weight and traction, but bad acceleration and handling. It shares its stats with the Steel Driver, Tri-Speeder, Badwagon, and GLA.


  • Most CPU-controlled characters will always pair it with the Monster tires, but some lightweight characters will use the Standard tires with this vehicle instead.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 0
Weight -0.5
Acceleration +0.5
Handling -0.5
Traction +0.5

Color Schemes

Engine Cover
MK8 Mario Icon MK8 BabyMario Icon YoshiRed-MK8 Red Dark Blue
MK8 Luigi Icon MK8 BabyLuigi Icon 40px Dark Green Dark Blue
MK8 Peach Icon MK8 BabyPeach Icon YoshiPink-MK8 85x85 ShyGuyPink-MK8 Pink Yellow
MK8 Daisy Icon MK8 BabyDaisy Icon 40px 40px Orange Red
MK8 Rosalina Icon MK8 BabyRosalina Icon MK8 Lakitu Icon 40px 40px Light Blue Yellow
MK8 MMario Icon Silver Black
MK8 Yoshi Icon Light Green Blue
MK8 Toad Icon 40px 40px Blue Yellow
MK8 Koopa Icon Yellow Orange
MK8 ShyGuy Icon 40px 40px Black Yellow Orange
MK8 Toadette Icon Magenta Red
MK8 PGPeach Icon Pink Gold Pink
MK8 Bowser Icon Orange Green
MK8 DKong Icon Yellow Orange
MK8 Wario Icon Purple Yellow
MK8 Waluigi Icon Dark Purple Purple
MK8 Iggy Icon Light Green Purple
MK8 Roy Icon Purple Reddish-Pink
MK8 Lemmy Icon Cyan Orange
MK8 Larry Icon Yellow Light Blue
MK8 Wendy Icon Pink Light Blue
MK8 Ludwig Icon Blue Green
MK8 Morton Icon Green Gray
40px 40px Yellow Blue
40px Shy Guy White Red
45px Dark Brown White Brown
45px Pink Light Pink
MK8 Link Icon Dark Blue Olive
VillagerMale-Icon-MK8 Reddish Orange Yellow
VillagerFemale-Icon-MK8 Pink Red Pink with flowers
MK8 Isabelle Icon Yellow Green Checkered Green
MK8 Dry Bowser Icon Black White Gray
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