The Standard Bike L (標準バイクL)is a Large Bike in Mario Kart Wii. It's design in based on other Standard Bikes found in the game and isn't really that special.

It's stats make it generally useful beginners who like heavyweight characters, and like all the standard bikes, it has outside drift.

Similar to other standard vehicles, the Standard Bike L is available from the start (but only in 100/150cc.)


Although the color of the Standard Bike L can very anywhere from dark green to turquoise to yellow, the basic shape and size is retained. The bike consists of a basic bike frame with two wheels (can also vary in color) and a booster on the back protected by a plastic covering. The seat sits right on top of the engine, which is clearly exposed, and the front of the bike a front tire guard plate, on which is plastered the character's logo. The handlebar is connected to the front wheel, and silver throttles can be seen attached. Basically, it's design is very customary and dirt bike-oriented with varying colors depending on the driver.


Being a heavyweight bike doesn't necessarily entail great Speed and Weight stats, as is demonstrated with the Standard Bike L. Although they are above normal, it's just not enough points to cancel out what it loses in Acceleration, Off-Road, and its Mini-Turbo aspect.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 46
Weight 54
Acceleration 40
Handling 43
Drift 43
Off-Road 37
Mini-Turbo 37

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  • In Mario Kart 8, with the return of bikes, the Standard Bike L is compiled with the other light bikes into one... the Standard Bike.



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