Dry Bones on his Standard DB

The Standard DB is Dry Bones' standard kart. Dry Bones has two other karts in this game, being the Dry Bomber and the Banisher. It has very high acceleration and handling stats (best out of all Standard Karts,) but a low top speed (worst out of all Standard Karts.) When Dry Bones is the driver the first two stats mentioned above are extremely high. Also, because of this high acceleration, after getting hit and getting back under control, it will quickly reach its low top speed again. This kart is often used for snaking, because of its high acceleration, high handling, low drift cornering, long mini turbos, and good off road.

The color of this car is tan in Mario Kart DS. His Standard Kart S replaces this car in Mario Kart Wii and it is gray.

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