The Standard DS is one of Daisy's three karts. It has okay speed, and great drift. However, it has poor handing, and has medium weight and items in stats. This kart is probably Daisy's least popular one.


Standard DS.


Princess Daisy showing off her Standard DS. Even though it's nothing special.


The Standard DS (No, it is not a Nintendo DS, that's just Princess Daisy's initials) is similar to the other Standard Karts in Mario Kart DS. It has a large bumper in the front and two smaller ones on the edges, all of them being white. The back wheels are noticeably larger, making the kart slanted. The hood is rectangular, and the logo on the front is a daisy, because it is Daisy's kart. There is a pair of mufflers in the back, and the whole kart is an orange tint, like Princess Daisy's trim on her dress.

In essence, it's just like any other Standard Kart. So no big deal.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 6.5
Weight 6
Acceleration 6.5
Handling 4
Drift 9
Items 6.5
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