This is Peach's standard kart. It is one of Peach's karts, the others being the Royale and the Light Tripper. In comparison, this kart is the middle of the three, having great acceleration, drift, and handling, just as the other Peach karts in the game, but lacking in top speed and weight, and with medium items.


The Standard PC is one of the 13 standard karts in the game, including Shy Guy's kart. So there is not really any special design to the body or anything.


Standard PC with Mario's emblem on the kart.

The tires are black, and the back tires are slightly larger. It has a large white bumper in the front and two smaller ones on either side of the kart. The rims are yellow, and two chrome stacks are to the rear. The seat is black, and the center of the steering wheel is purple. The body of the kart is pink, just like Princess Peach's dress. The default logo is Peach's icon, which is her golden crown with red and blue gems in it.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 4.5
Acceleration 7.5
Weight 5.5
Handling 5.0
Drift 9.5
Items 6.5
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