The Standard RB is R.O.B.'s standard kart in Mario Kart DS, the other two karts being the ROB-BLS and the ROB-LGS. It has, along with Standard BW, the highest top Speed possible for standard karts, with the meter all the way up. Along with average Acceleration an fairly high Handling (which is uncommon for heavyweights), it makes for a decent choice in the large class. The only problem is terrible Drift, in fact it is second to worst in the game (first being ROB-LGS). And like other Standard Karts it has an average Item stat.


It's kart color is black with a purple D-pad as the emblem, and it has the same frame as all the other Standard Karts.

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Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 10
Acceleration 5
Weight 8
Handling 7
Drift 3
Items 7

Standard RB with Mario's emblem. (Looks really cool by the way).