The Sugarscoot, (also known as the Bon Bon in the European version), is a medium Bike in Mario Kart Wii. The bike is designed to look like a motorized scooter, with the driver usually standing up rather than sitting.

It is available from the start and is the Staff Ghost bike for Coconut Mall (Daisy, Nin*SiMO). It is the slowest and lightest medium vehicle, but it has great Acceleration.


Sugarscoot (Mario)

Mario's Sugarscoot in the Vehicle Selection Screen.

This vehicle resembles a scooter more than a bike, but it is grouped in as a Bike anyways. The front wheel, which is very tiny, is shrouded by a frontal plate. Behind the head light on the handlebar is a panel in the shape of a large star. Further down back is the seat, and being that you'd have to stretch your arms very far to reach controls, the racers usually just ride it like an actual scooter. The engine is located on the back, with a few turbo covers and bars extending from it.

Depending on the driver, the bike can be an assortment of colors.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 32
Weight 32
Acceleration 54
Handling 62
Drift 35
Offroad 51
Mini-Turbo 56


  • A "bon bon" is the French term for chocolate (sugar) covered treat, so that's how the two names of the bike are related.