Sunset Wilds is a track in the Lightning Cup of Mario Kart: Super Circuit. It has many Boost Pads throughout the track, with some minor ramps making a few hard to reach (only a well-timed jump can actually make you get these.) Near the middle, it has teepees dotting a large field that are hard to avoid. It a player hits one, a Shy Guy latches on to the player and slows him/her down and makes them lose Coins for a couple seconds before jumping off. After each lap, the sky darkens until it is completely night. There are totem poles scattered throughout the track.

After nineteen years of absence, this track has returned as a retro course in Mario Kart Tour, debuting in the Sunset Tour. Some hills were added as well as the last two turns being removed. It is the first retro track not from Mario Kart 7 that hasn't previously returned as a retro track to return, and the eleventh GBA track to return overall.

It has mud on the track that looks like the chocolate in Choco Island, a pair of tracks in Super Mario Kart.

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Sunset Wilds
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