The Super NES Classic Edition (commonly referred to as SNES mini.) is a system released in 2017 with 21 pre-installed games. One of these games was Super Mario Kart. This system is a follow up to the NES Classic Edition released in 2016. The system came with 2 controllers that could be hooked up to a Wii Remote like a Pro Controller. This system allows the player to have 4 Restore Points on a game as well as the game's original save system. There are 3 game-play modes CTR Filter, 4:3, and Pixel Perfect.

Appearance wise the SNES mini is just a miniature version of the original Super Nintendo. The Power switch does exactly what it says. (It turns the system On/Off) The Reset switch redirects you to the software menu. Finally, the eject button is just for looks, it doesn't do anything.

The system includes two SNES controllers, which connect to the system using the same expansion port found on the Wii Remote. Controllers feature purple buttons in North America, and colored (red, yellow, green, and blue) buttons elsewhere. Due to using a common expansion port, controllers are compatible with the Wii and Wii U when connected to the remote, and conversely, the SNES Classic also supports controllers that use the expansion port controller:

  • NES Classic Edition controller (it lacks the L and R buttons)
  • Classic Controller
  • Classic Controller Pro
  • Wired Fight Pad (GameCube controller replica; incompatible with the GameCube)