Tacks (タック) are a useful Place behind Item found in Mario Kart Arcade GP, Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, and Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. More or less a variant of the Banana, these tiny little tacks pop the tires of those who run them over, making them slow down.



Tacks (5)

Bowser deploying some Tacks behind his kart.

Once a set of these small golden nails is obtained from an Item Box, the player can drop them right behind their Kart as a booby trap for tailgaters (it helps to check out the map and icons of who exactly is behind you and what their position is). Once a player runs them over, the sharp tacks will deflate their tires, making controllability an issue for a while.


While it's mainly an offensive Item, the Tacks can be deployed defensively if a Green Shell, Black Shell, or any other enemy Item is closing in. However, with the targeting system of the arcade titles and the sheer quickness of the Items in the series, it can be really difficult to pull off.


  • Like other... "simple" Items, tacks have a variant known as Triple Tacks.
    • Ironically, the icon for the single Tacks has a set of 4 tacks, while the x3 variant only has 3. This really makes it a "Tacks x2.25", which just isn't that catchy.
      • Of course, this is all aesthetic to the icon... the Triple Tacks deals the same amount of damage as 3 regular Tacks. Hopefully this didn't confuse you too much.