Tart Top is a Battle Stage in Mario Kart DS. This stage resembles a tasty cupcake. It is similar to Donut Plains, but has its own unique features.


This stage has a nice and simple layout. It is a circle that caves inwards but suddenly makes a high rise. On the hill in the middle is a boost pad that thrusts racers into the air so they can pick up an Item Box to fight their opponents with. The only Item Boxes that are on this stage are above the hill, so it is necessary to make the jump time after time. Along the edge of the "tart" and around the center hill lies huge cream puffs and frosted strawberries. If a racer runs into one of these, they are bounced away, and their view is slightly diminished because pink cream has splattered on their windshield, similar to Blooper. However, the obstructed view is a lot less harsh than Blooper. It barely even effects you. The outline of the track is covered in cream frosting, some of it shaped like hearts. You cannot fall off the edge of the stage because the cupcake has a sudden sharp incline, so don't worry about driving off the side. And to top it off, there is a cherry on top of the hill.

Mission 5-6 takes place here, where Yoshi has to collect 18 coins.


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