The Thunder Cloud (also known as a Lightning Cloud or TC) is an Item. It only appears in Mario Kart Wii, and has a hot potato-like nature.

When this item is picked up, the Thunder Cloud will automatically appear above the player, speeding their vehicle up by a notable amount and negate off-road penalties completely. After a short amount of time, however, the cloud will zap the player with lightning, just like the Lightning item, leaving them wide open to incoming attacks or other racers. The cloud may disappear when the holding player travels through a cannon or uses an invincibility item. The item may also be passed on from person to person; the duration of the cloud does not reset when passed, allowing daredevil racers to hold onto the cloud for a very long time to catch up and then bump into another player just as it is about to strike.

Probabilities of Obtaining the Item

Mario Kart Wii

1st 0%
2nd 0%
3rd 5%
4th 7.5%
5th 7.5%
6th 5%
7th 2.5%
8th 0%
9th 0%
10th 0%
11th 0%
12th 0%


  • Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the Thunder Cloud, glitches have arisen based on it. Hackers may forcefully spawn multiple Thunder Clouds and pass them onto different players; the previous Cloud spawned in this manner will disappear, but players afflicted will remain boosted for the entirety of the race.
  • The clouds zip sound gets faster as it gets closer to striking.
  • This is the one item in Mario Kart history that activates immediately instead of when you press the button. A buzzer plays when you get it instead of the normal jingle.
  • This is the only item in the entire Mario Kart series you can't drop.

Names In Other Languages

  • Japanese: 雷クラウド (Kaminari Kuraudo)
  • Spanish: Nube de trueno
  • French: Nuage Tonnerre
  • German: Blitzwolke
  • Italian: Fulmine Nuvola
  • Portuguese: Nuvem Relâmpago
  • Korean: 번개 구름 (beongae guleum)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 闪电云 (Shǎndiàn yún)
  • Chinese (Traditional): 閃電雲 (Shǎndiàn yún)
  • Dutch: Bliksemwolk
  • Russian: Облако молний (Oblako molniy)
  • Polish: Błyskawica Chmura


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