The Thunder Stick (サンダー スティック), also referred to as the Stun Stick, is an attack Item found in the initial three Mario Kart Arcade titles (possibly Mario Kart Arcade GP VR). Essentially Lightning attached to a green and blue stick, this rod can be swung to electrocute nearby drivers.



Blinky (Thunder Stick)

Blinky armed with the Thunder Stick.

Receiving a Thunder Stick from an Item Box is most useful when there's a boatful of racers just ahead. Once activated, the driver will start to swing the pole out in front to him/her maniacally (at about 2.75 swing per second). The player will constantly swing the Stun Stick for about 7 seconds, and anyone struck by it gets shocked and immediately spins out.

Unlike other Items that give passive attack for a close proximity (such as the Starman or Hammer), the Thunder Stick does not grant a speed boost. Therefore, it's usually not a preferable Special Item.


  • Although it has a Thunder head attached to it, the Stun Stick does not shrink down players to a squish-able size.