The Time Bomb (時限爆弾) is an attack item found in the first 3 Mario Kart Arcade GP titles. Although its role varies from a standard to a special item throughout the arcade games, its basic tactic of latching onto vehicles and exploding remains the same throughout.



Time Bomb (4)

Don-chan targets poor Luigi with the Time Bomb. Ohh no-oo!

Using a Time Bomb strategically is a valuable skill to learn when playing Mario Kart arcade games. Pressing the item button sets off the timer of the bomb. While the 15 second timer is generous to the instigator, they need to be smart and activate it when nearby enemies can be seen. Otherwise, it might explode and stun THEM. Be sure and hit other Karts to pass off the bomb (sort of like a Thunder Cloud) so they can receive the effects.

If you don't want to handle a ticking Time Bomb, you also have the option of throwing it at the closest racer ahead. Wait for the target to lock onto them, and then throw it. And then, about 15 seconds later...



  • Mario Kart Arcade GP VR might feature the Time Bomb, but so far this information is not yet known to the Mario Kart Racing Wiki.
  • The Time Bomb is a little similar to the Bob-omb in that they both have fuses and legs.
  • This might be the sequel to the Bob-omb.


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