The Tyrant is one of the two default Karts for Bowser in Mario Kart DS.


The Tyrant is one of the fastest Karts in Mario Kart DS, as it belongs to a Heavy racer, Bowser. It is shaped like one of Bowser's feet (that's pretty creative, actually.) The main body is a golden yellow color and has a scaled design all over it. Three large, razor-sharp white claws are right in front of the Kart (giving it a threatening design to fit Bowser's personality, probably), with the middle one claw being slightly smaller but higher than the other adjacent two. Beneath the claws is the gray, circular engine. The wheels have a yellow and red axel with dark gray tires, with the ones in the back being a little bigger than the front tires. The dashboard is also yellow with white edges, and the racer's logo appears on the front of it.


The Tyrant has the highest weight in the game at a perfect score of 10.0, and boasts a high speed stat. It also has a perfect items stat, as with all large vehicles in Mario Kart DS. However, this is completely offset by its poor acceleration and handling, both of which are the worst in the game. It also has the shortest (and thus worst) mini-turbo in the game, represented in Time Trials by a single red arrow. This makes it very difficult to even reach, much less maintain, its maximum speed potential, and allows little potential for comebacks after being disrupted by the course or by items. As such, it is widely considered to be one of the worst karts in the game.

Kart Stats
Stat Value
Mini-Turbo Length: 0.317 (36th / 36)
Actual Weight: 0.80 (1st / 36)


  • The Tyrant is the only kart in the game which has two simultaneously lowest stats in the game. The only kart with the two simultaneously highest stats in the game is the Dry Bomber.
  • Ironically, they are both the lowest or highest in the same stats: acceleration and handling.
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