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Urchin Underpass is one of the new Battle Stages in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The area is based on the map of the same name from the Splatoon games and features green and purple ink splatters and Boost Pads all over the place.



Urchin Underpass is one of the bigger arenas. Huge stone pillars on the corners of the arena hold up a roof made out of glass, and around the field are huge rectangular holes. A few trees dot the place, and Urchin Underpass seems to have undergone an ink firefight as huge splotches of green and purple ink dot the place.


Aerial view of the course, showing it's confusing pattern.

Relevant to stages like Pipe Plaza and/or Thwomp Desert, Urchin Underpass is kind of confusing. In the center is a large, rectangular area with a few ramps where racers can meet and toss all the Shells they want. But branching off from this lobby are 6 different paths, 3 green and 3 purple, dividing it into 2 "factions" (not including center). Each side is the same but flipped upside down, and of course different colors. The three paths meet up to a sort of camp which is two story and has all the Boost Pads and ramps one could want.


A posse of Inklings on Urchin Underpass.

  • This is the first battle stage to be based on a non-Mario series location.
  • The item roulette's sound is altered in the stage.