BM44 is back from the dead

aka Catboy Pocari Klasky Csupo Roo

  • I live in Cheap Town
  • I was born on April 16
  • My occupation is Don't ask me!
  • I am male Grossery Gang, Walk the Prank, Klasky Csupo, and TTS fan

Welcome to the world of Mario Kart! It's a me, BM44!

Teh meme

My Friends

and many more (except for blocked or mean users).


MUSICAL.LY COMPILATION VIDEOS! FUNnel Vision Skits & Songs w Mike & Lex (Funny & Cute Short Videos)

Like this video! It's funny!


A "Trivia!" and "Mario Kart Trivia" reverting war has begun! Please choose "Trivia!" or "Mario Kart Trivia".

The war has ended. Trivia! wins.

Now Trivia! is taking over the wiki.

Random Messages

School is everyone's enemy!

FUNnel Vision is a favorite!

Shawn equals poop.

Onnoying Arange.

Salt + Ash + / Shawn - Hotsy Totsy x WATERBOY = 4023 Professor Oaks and Cheese

Do the zombie! Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


MUSICAL.LY COMPILATION FUNnel Vision SKITS w Mike & Lex & Chases Corner (Funny & Cute Short Videos)

This is funny too! WATCH NOW.

Shawn section

Bla bla bla, alb alb alb, bow bow bow, now talk like Shawn!

Ellybay utoay, Ombiezay rmsaay, Owbay eggedlay, ownay Alkway Ikelay Hawnsay!

Oelly but, Ambie zoarms, Low begged, now Shalk like Wawn!

Out belly, Arms zombie, Legged bow, now Shawn Like Walk!

Tuo ylleb, Smar eibmoz, Deggel wob, Nwahs ekil klaw won!

Poopy out, poopy arms, poop legged, now poop like Shawn!



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