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*[ No Trophy] (MK8)
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Mario Kart X (stylized as MARIOKART X and abbreviated to MKX) is a kart-racing game exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It is the ninth and final game of the Mario Kart series.

Similar to the hit game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart X is a mashup celebration of every Mario Kart game thus far, with every character, vehicle, item and track returning to the game, as well as tons of new features.


Fundamentally, the gameplay is the same as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with no new gimmick being introduced. However, most of the gimmicks from the past games return, including anti-gravity, gliders, and half-pipe jumps.

A wide variety of customization options are available, allowing you to choose between tons of racers, vehicle options, and special races.

Mirror Mode is now applicable to every engine class, and Double Drivers mode returns from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Players now have the option to use two characters in their vehicle.


Grand PrixEdit

In Grand Prix mode, twelve racers compete for first place in cups comprised of four or five races each. Racers are awarded with points based on their placements at the end of races, and the racer with the most points at the end wins.

Time TrialsEdit

Time trials allow players to race for the best time possible, either on their own or against a ghost. Once again, this is only a single player option.


VS. Mode allows players to race, but with their own custom rule sets such as changing which items appear, or modifying the difficulty. A new addition allows you to set the number of CPUs in a race, and even turn them off entirely if you play multiplayer. This mode can be played with up to four people.


Battle Mode pits racers against each other where they must use items to try and pop opponents' balloons or complete objectives. Every Battle mode and stage returns, as well as some new ones.

Adventure ModeEdit

A new addition to the series, Adventure Mode is a single player campaign revolving around a big racing championship and a new foe that Mario must try and beat. Players explore an open world and seek out missions and races to complete and get rewards.


Returning from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, this simply allows you to quickly jump into a single Grand Prix race.


Online once again returns, allowing players to race against or battle one another across the world. Tournaments and online missions return from Mario Kart Wii.


This game has the largest roster in the entire series, with every single character returning as playable, as well as lots of newcomers. The roster amounts to sixty-four total racers, including Mii.

The original eight playable characters from Super Mario Kart, along with four of the newcomers, are the starting characters, while the rest are all unlockable.

Clone characters such as Tanooki Mario and Pink Gold Peach are now skins of their respective characters, rather than separate racers. That also means that new skins are available for other racers. However, Paratroopa and Dry Bowser still have their own spots on the roster.

Starting RacersEdit

LW represents lightweight, MW represents medium-weight, and HW represents heavyweight.

Unlockable RacersEdit








Donkey KongEdit






Shy GuyEdit






Vehicle partsEdit

Mario Kart X retains the customizable vehicle parts from 7 and 8, although no new vehicle types are added. Each vehicle has a standard variation and a version for Double Drivers mode. You can once again draw the emblem on the vehicle, a feature returning from Mario Kart DS.

Starting vehiclesEdit






Unlockable vehiclesEdit






Unlocking criteriaEdit

Mario Kart X changes things up compared to previous games in terms of unlocking criteria. Mostly everything is unlocked through the Adventure Mode.


To unlock racers, you must complete their specific mission in Adventure Mode, which is usually racing against them around a track themed to them. Some races are just one-on-ones, while others have more racers to try and beat. Every racer that you beat will then be unlocked as playable.

Vehicle partsEdit

Vehicle parts are unlocked by buying them in the Adventure Mode Shop. Every day, new parts are offered, as well as upgrades to certain parts. Parts cost more depending on either their rarity or their stats.

Special partsEdit

  • Gold Kart: Beat all of the staff ghosts in 200cc Time Trials.
  • Gold Wheels: Earn at least one-star rank in every cup from a certain game.
  • Gold Glider: Complete 100 missions in Adventure Mode.
  • Diamond parts: Win the secret track of Adventure Mode.


Mario Kart X includes more tracks than any other game, with every single track from all the past games returning as retro tracks, as well as three extra nitro cups alongside the traditional four in order to compensate for the mass amount of retro cups.

Cups are organized by type; Mushroom, Flower, Star, Special, and Extra. Each cup has a corresponding suffix or prefix that specifies its game.

The four standard nitro cups - Mushroom Cup X, Flower Cup X, Star Cup X and Special Cup X - are unlocked from the start. Each time you win first place in a cup, a random cup is unlocked.

Mushroom CupsEdit

Super Mushroom Cup Mushroom Cup 64 Mushroom Cup SC
Super Mario Circuit 1 Luigi Raceway Peach Circuit SC
Donut Plains 1 Moo Moo Farm Shy Guy Beach
Ghost Valley 1 Koopa Troopa Beach Riverside Park
Super Bowser Castle 1 Kalimari Desert Bowser Castle SC 1
Super Mario Circuit 2
Mushroom Cup DD Mushroom Cup DS Mushroom Cup Wii
Luigi Circuit DD Figure-8 Circuit Luigi Circuit Wii
Peach Beach Yoshi Falls Moo Moo Meadows
Baby Park Cheep Cheep Beach Mushroom Gorge
Dry Dry Desert Luigi's Mansion DS Toad's Factory
Mushroom Cup 7 Mushroom Cup 8 Mushroom Cup X
Toad Circuit Mario Kart Stadium RC Circuit
Daisy Hills Water Park Toad Farm
Cheep Cheep Lagoon Sweet Sweet Canyon Sunshine Coastline
Shy Guy Bazaar Thwomp Ruins Shy Guy Express

Flower CupsEdit

Super Flower Cup Flower Cup 64 Flower Cup SC
Choco Island 1 Toad's Turnpike Mario Circuit SC
Ghost Valley 2 Frappe Snowland Boo Lake
Donut Plains 2 Choco Mountain Cheese Land
Super Bowser Castle 2 Mario Raceway Bowser Castle SC 2
Super Mario Circuit 3
Flower Cup DD Flower Cup DS Flower Cup Wii
Mushroom Bridge Desert Hills Mario Circuit Wii
Mario Circuit DD Delfino Square Coconut Mall
Daisy Cruiser Waluigi Pinball DK Summit
Waluigi Stadium Shroom Ridge Wario's Gold Mine
Flower Cup 7 Flower Cup 8 Flower Cup X
Wuhu Loop Mario Circuit 8 Cascade Cruise
Mario Circuit 7 Toad Harbor Mario Circuit X
Music Park Twisted Mansion Yoshi's Island
Rock Rock Mountain Shy Guy Falls New Donk City Drive

Star CupsEdit

Super Star Cup Star Cup 64 Star Cup SC
Koopa Beach 1 Wario Stadium 64 Snow Land
Choco Island 2 Sherbet Land 64 Ribbon Road
Vanilla Lake 1 Royal Raceway Yoshi Desert
Super Bowser Castle 3 Bowser Castle 64 Bowser Castle SC 3
Super Mario Circuit 4
Star Cup DD Star Cup DS Star Cup Wii
Sherbet Land DD DK Pass Daisy Circuit
Mushroom City Tick-Tock Clock Koopa Cape
Yoshi Circuit Mario Circuit DS Maple Treeway
DK Mountain Airship Fortress Grumble Volcano
Star Cup 7 Star Cup 8 Star Cup X
Piranha Plant Slide Sunshine Airport Delfino Carnival
Wario Shipyard Dolphin Shoals Magikoopa Manor
Neo Bowser City Electrodrome Piranha Pipeworks
Maka Wuhu Mount Wario Waluigi Circus

Special CupsEdit

Super Special Cup Special Cup 64 Special Cup SC
Donut Plains 3 DK's Jungle Parkway Lakeside Park
Koopa Beach 2 Yoshi Valley Broken Pier
Ghost Valley 3 Banshee Boardwalk Bowser Castle SC 4
Vanilla Lake 2 Rainbow Road 64 Rainbow Road SC
Super Rainbow Road
Special Cup DD Special Cup DS Special Cup Wii
Wario Colosseum Wario Stadium DS Dry Dry Ruins
Dino Dino Jungle Peach Gardens Moonview Highway
Bowser Castle DD Bowser Castle DS Bowser Castle Wii
Rainbow Road DD Rainbow Road DS Rainbow Road Wii
Special Cup 7 Special Cup 8 Special Cup X
DK Jungle Cloudtop Cruise Ruined Raceway
Rosalina's Ice World Bone-Dry Dunes Bowser Castle X
Bowser Castle 7 Bowser Castle 8 Championship X Stadium
Rainbow Road 7 Rainbow Road 8 Rainbow Road X

Extra CupsEdit

Lightning Cup SC Egg Cup 8 Bell Cup 8
Luigi Circuit SC Ice Ice Outpost Wild Woods
Sky Garden Excitebike Arena Super Bell Subway
Cheep Cheep Island Dragon Driftway Animal Crossing
Sunset Wilds Hyrule Circuit Big Blue
Mute City
Shell Cup X Banana Cup X Leaf Cup X
Peach Circuit X Luncheon Loop Soda Swamp
Bob-omb Battlefield Plessie's Plunge Nabbit's Hideout
Snowline Circuit Ice Cream City World Bowser
Garden of Hope Comet Observatory Corneria Crash Course
Secret Track
Rainbow Road Generations

Battle ModeEdit

Mario Kart X's Battle Mode continues to build on what Mario Kart 8 Deluxe did for its Battle Mode, and also adding all the previous features for Battle Mode back into the game.

More options are available, including setting the timer or turning it off completely, what happens when players are knocked out, and number of starting balloons. In team battles, there can now now a maximum of four teams.

Every mode returns alongside one new addition:

  • Balloon Battle: The traditional mode that pits players against each other where they must use items to pop the balloons above everyone's vehicle.
  • Bob-omb Blast: Players hurl Bob-ombs at each other to pop their balloons.
  • Shine Thief: Players must try to nab a single Shine Sprite and keep it in their possession for 20 seconds, but opponents can use items to knock the Sprite off of them.
  • Shine Runners: A certain number of Shine Sprites are scattered throughout the map that players must collect. Players with the least amount of Sprites after a certain time are eliminated.
  • Coin Runners: Players must collect as many coins as they can before time runs out.
  • Renegade Roundup: A team-only game similar to Cops and Robbers. The Authorities team must capture the Renegades team with their Potted Piranha Plants and put them in a jail cell. Due to the nature of this mode, not every Battle stage is available for it.
  • Zone Battle: The only new mode introduced, and another team-only game. Each team has a zone located across the map from each other and players must try to enter the opposing team's zone, while preventing the opposing team from entering their own team's zone. Everyone has only one balloon, and when hit, players respawn back in their team's zone. Due to the nature of this mode, not every Battle stage is available for it.

Battle StagesEdit

Every Battle stage returns, with the majority of them being revamped or improved for the new modes and features.

SNES Stages N64 Stages GBA Stages
Super Battle Course 1 Big Donut Battle Course SC 1
Super Battle Course 2 Block Fort Battle Course SC 1
Super Battle Course 3 Double Deck Battle Course SC 1
Super Battle Course 4 Skyscraper Battle Course SC 1
GCN Stages DS Stages Wii Stages
Cookie Land*** Nintendo DS*** Block Plaza
Block City Twilight House Delfino Pier**
Nintendo GameCube Palm Shore*** Funky Stadium
Pipe Plaza** Tart Top*** Chain Chomp Wheel***
Luigi's Mansion DD Thwomp Desert***
3DS Stages 8DX Stages X Stages
Honeybee Hive Battle Stadium Nintendo Switch
Sherbet Rink* Sweet Sweet Kingdom Sugar Snowfield
Wuhu Town Dragon Palace Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor
Lunar Colony Hotel Delfino
Urchin Underpass Broodal Burrow
Ghost Park
DK Depot
Desert Oasis

* denotes unavailability for Renegade Roundup

** denotes unavailability for Zone Battle

*** denotes unavailability for both

Adventure ModeEdit

The biggest new addition to this game is the Adventure Mode, the single-player campaign. It centers around "Championship X," a big racing championship that Mario and friends are competing in.


Adventure Mode takes place mostly within an open world. You drive around as Mario in the Standard Kart, exploring different locations. There are characters scattered throughout the worlds that offer tasks and missions similar to the ones from Mario Kart DS. There are also races against specific characters that will unlock them as playable in the normal modes. Completing missions and races will earn rewards that go towards the final few missions.

Some missions and races allow you to choose both your character and vehicle, some allow you to choose the character, but not the vehicle, and vice versa, and others give you a set character-vehicle combination that you must use, usually Mario in the Standard Kart.


The Mode opens with a cutscene of Mario and friends racing together on Mario Kart Stadium. Everything is going fine until they are all suddenly taken out by a mysterious newcomer who swoops in and wins the race.

The newcomer introduces himself as Nitross. He begins acting like a jerk to Mario and friends, to the point where a fed up Mario challenges him to a one-on-one race, which is the first mission.

This has two outcomes:

  • If Nitross beats the player, a cutscene plays where he laughs and gloats. Mario vows to beat him in the upcoming Championship X races.
  • If the player beats Nitross, a cutscene plays where Mario and friends celebrate, but suddenly, Nitross attacks the group and makes it his own personal mission to beat everyone in the upcoming races.

The open world then opens up and the player begins seeking out missions.

Possible EndingsEdit

The Mode ends with four races against Nitross and 10 other racers. The player must get into the top three to move on to the next race. The "last" of the four races takes place on Championship X Stadium, and like the beginning, there are two outcomes to this:

  • Nitross beats player: Nitross celerates while the crowd cheers. Mario's friends are ready to comfort Mario, but he shrugs them off and goes to shake Nitross' hand, congratulating him. Nitross is confused, yet slightly impressed as Mario walks off with his friends.
  • Player beats Nitross: Mario's friends and the crowd cheer for him, but then Nitross furiously transports both himself and Mario to the REAL final race: a one-on-one on Rainbow Road X.

This also has two outcomes:

  • Nitross beats player: Nitross runs Mario's loss in his face, before transporting himself back to Championship X Stadium to collect his winnings, leaving Mario stranded on Rainbow Road X alone.
  • Player beats Nitross: Nitross is blown away at getting beaten by Mario. Mario angrily approaches him and hits him with a bunch of items. Nitross then gives Mario his transporter for him to go back to the Stadium, and then Mario stomps on him. He goes back to the Stadium to celebrate, but then Nitross returns, having flown back in his shell. When everyone wants to teach Nitross a lesson, Mario stops them and lets him go. Later, as Mario and friends celebrate, Nitross leaves, telling Mario that he's always available for a rematch. This ending unlocks Nitross as playable in the normal modes.

Secret track: Rainbow Road GenerationsEdit

Even after the final five missions are completed, there is still one final secret mission of the Adventure Mode. This has one of the most difficult unlocking criteria of all time, being that you need to get three stars on every single cup, on every single engine class, on every single mode.

After that is completed, the mission unlocks, which opens on a cutscene where Nitross reveals to the group that he was the creator of all the Rainbow Roads, before revealing his greatest creation: Rainbow Road Generations, an epic mashup of the best features of every Rainbow Road.

This is the longest and hardest track in the game, but beating it unlocks the Diamond vehicle parts, which have the best stats in the game. It also unlocks the track in VS Mode.


The other aspect of Adventure Mode is the Shop. Run by Lakitu, the Shop is where you can buy new vehicle parts, and upgrades to the stats of characters and vehicles. You buy these with coins collected in races and missions, and buying vehicle parts unlocks them as playable in the normal modes. However, the upgrades bought here are exclusive to the Adventure Mode - they are not applied to characters and vehicles in the normal modes.


Just like everything else in this game, every item from the past games are usable, as well as a ton of new ones.

Item Description
Item Box
The box on the track that provides racers with items.
Double Item Box
Double Item Box
Just like a normal item box, but it gives racers two items instantly.
Coins can be held to increase racers' top speed. The coin counter has been increased from 10 to 20. They appear in item boxes once again, but more are given instead of just one, depending on placement. Racers will not receive coins from item boxes if they have the max amount.
The Coin equivalent in Hyrule Circuit.
Bell MK8
The coin equivalent in Animal Crossing.
Poko - Mario Kart X
The coin equivalent in Garden of Hope.
Bananas are laid on the track. Any racers that drive into them will spin out.
Triple Bananas
Three Bananas rotate around the vehicle, like in Mario Kart 8. They can all be dropped one by one.
Green Shell
Green Shells can be thrown forward or backward. They will bounce off walls and knock racers over if they hit them.
Triple Green Shells
Three Green Shells rotate around the vehicle. They can be thrown one by one.
Red Shell
Red Shells home in on the nearest racer. They can be protected against by towing another item.
Triple Red Shells
Three Red Shells rotate around the vehicle. They can be thrown one by one.
Mushrooms provide a short speed boost to users. These can be used to take shortcuts and travel on off-road.
Triple Mushrooms
Three Mushrooms rotate around the vehicle. They can be used one by one, but they can also be stolen.
Stars give users invincibility, allowing them to travel off-road, plow into racers, and makes them impervious to items.
Lightning strikes all racers except for the user, shrinking them and reducing their speed. Shrunken racers can be flattened by normal-size racers.
Turns the user invisible and steals another racer's item. They can now be killed by a Super Horn.
Returns to races after only being available in Battle Mode in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Allows users to jump high in the air, allowing them to jump over walls and gaps or take shortcuts.
Golden Mushroom
Golden Mushrooms provide users with unlimited Mushroom boosts for a certain amount of time.
Fake Item Box - Mario Kart X
Fake Item Box
Looks like a normal Item Box, but will knock racers over if they collect it. Unlike previous iterations of this item, which were easily distinguishable from normal Item Boxes due to their colors, the only difference between the fake one and the real one is the upside-down question mark. Towing these behind the vehicle can once again stop Red Shells.
Spiny Shell
The Spiny Shell returns to its winged variation. It flies in the air, targeting the first-place racer and flipping them in the air. It no longer hits racers in between the user and the first-place racer, and it can no longer be destroyed by a Super Horn.
Bob-ombs can be thrown in a large arc in front of the vehicle or placed directly behind it. It will explode after a few seconds or if racers come in close proximity of it. Racers will be flipped in the air if caught in the explosion.
Bullet Bill
Users are transformed into a giant Bullet Bill and are propelled down the track at high speed, plowing into racers in its path.
Bloopers shoot ink to obscure the player's screen. They can now be killed by a Super Horn.
Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushrooms make the user grow to a massive size and also increases their speed slightly. Racers will be flattened if run over. The usage time of this item is slightly longer than it was in Mario Kart Wii.
POW Block - Mario Kart Wii
POW Block
Causes every racer in front of the user to spin out and lose their items. The effect can be avoided if you're in the air, or minimized if you hop at just the right time.
Thunder Cloud
Appears over the user automatically. It increases their speed for a few seconds before hitting them with a Lightning Bolt. The user can bump into another racer to pass it along to them. This item also has increased usage time compared to its Mario Kart Wii iteration.
Fire Flower
Fire Flowers allow the user to shoot small fireballs that bounce along the track. Racers hit by the fireballs will spin out. Shooting fireballs diminishes the usage time faster.
Super Leaf
A Tanooki Tail appears on the back of the vehicle. The user can use it to attack other racers and protect against items. It can now also be used while in the air to provide short stalls before continuing to fall.
Boomerang Flower
The user can throw a Boomerang in front or behind the vehicle a total of three times. Racers hit with the Boomerang will spin out. Other items can be used in between throws.
Potted Piranha Plant
Appears in front of the vehicle and will automatically attack racers and items in proximity of it. Users can also manually make it attack.
Super Horn
Super Horns emit a shockwave around the vehicle that knocks racers over and destroys projectiles. It can no longer destroy Spiny Shells, but it can now kill Bloopers and Boos.
Master X - Mario Kart X
Master X
This game's equivalent to the Lucky 7 and the Crazy 8. It ups the item amount to ten items. The same items from the Crazy 8 remain, with the Spiny Shell and the racer's Special Item added to the circle. This is the rarest item in the game.
Double Cherry - Mario Kart X
Double Cherry
Creates a clone of the user beside them. It will remain there for a full minute, or until it's hit, and then vanish. (This protects the other against the hit) It will also double the items that the user gets, which are used at the same time. (e.g. If you have a shell, you'll throw two at once)
Ice Flower
The same as the Fire Flower, except racers hit with the ice balls will be frozen in a block of ice that slides around. They will break out of the ice in three seconds.
Mini Mushroom
Shrinks the user like a Lightning Bolt, but instead of slowing them down, they're much faster. They can still be flattened by other racers.
Cannon Box - Mario Kart X
Cannon Box
Appears on the user's head and allows them to fire cannonballs straight forward. The fire button can be held down to fire a super shot, but this diminishes the item's usage time faster. Racers hit with the cannonballs will be knocked over.

Special ItemsEdit

Character-specific items return from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Every single racer has a unique item exclusive to them, aside from a few exceptions, who share special items. Most of the characters that appeared in Double Dash!! retain their Special Item from that game, while others receive new ones due to their Double Dash!! item being a standard item or shared with another racer.

Item User Description
Fireball NSMB
Mario Same from Double Dash!!; multiple fireballs that spread out across the track. These are bigger than both the Fire Flower’s and the ones from Double Dash!!
Negative Zone - Mario Kart X
Negative Zone
Luigi Based on Luigi’s Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl; a void that Luigi emits while driving. As he drives by other racers, they will either spin out or get knocked over if they’re caught in the zone. There is a slight chance that they’ll get shrunk.
Heart - Koopa Kart 8 Deluxe
Heart Shield
Peach Same from Double Dash!!; two hearts orbit around Peach that can protect against attacks and can pick up items.
Poison Mushrooms
Toad/Toadette Same from Super Mario Kart; three mushrooms that are placed on the track. When a racer hits it, they will get shrunk.
Yoshi Egg
Yoshi Same from Double Dash!!; an egg that acts like a Red Shell that homes in on racers and knocks them over, and then scatters random items on the track. This differs from the Double Dash!! iteration as it drops five items rather than three.
Bowser Shell - Mario Kart X
Bowser Shell
Bowser Same from Double Dash!!; a massive shell just like the one on Bowser’s back. It acts like a Green Shell, just much bigger.
Banana Bunch - Mario Kart 64
Banana Bunch
Donkey Kong Jr. Same from Mario Kart 64; five Banana Peels. They line up behind Jr’s vehicle, rather than rotate around it like the Triple Bananas.
Bomb Shell - Mario Kart X
Bomb Shell
Koopa Troopa A Green Shell that is slightly darker in colour. When it hits a racer, it will explode and flip them in the air.
Giant Banana - Mario Kart X
Giant Banana
Donkey Kong Same from Double Dash!!; a massive Banana Peel. Splits into smaller Banana Peels when hit.
Waft - Mario Kart X
Wario Based on the Smash Bros. move of the same name; when activated, Wario will let out a massive fart. It is similar to the Super Horn, but with a larger radius.
Daisy Shield - Mario Kart X
Daisy Shield
Daisy Similar to Peach’s Heart Shield, except instead of picking up items, they can be fired. They can’t hurt racers, but items can bounce off of them.
Birdo Egg - Mario Kart X
Birdo Egg
Birdo Same from Double Dash!!; similar to Yoshi’s, except this version is much faster and drops three items instead of five.
Chain Chomp
Baby Mario/Baby Luigi Same from Double Dash!!; a massive Chain Chomp appears and dashes along the track, pulling the vehicle behind it. It then releases from the vehicle and keeps going until it hits a wall or goes off course.
Paratroopa Shell
Paratroopa Essentially a Red Shell and a Spiny Shell combined; a Red Shell with wings that homes in on the nearest racer and explodes on impact, flipping them in the air. (Credit to MarioKartDSYes MarioKartWiiNo)
Rocketbarrel Pack - Mario Kart X
Rocketbarrel Pack
Diddy Kong Lifts Diddy Kong in the air and propels him forward for a few brief seconds before letting him fall back on the track.
Shadow Paintbrush - Mario Kart X
Shadow Paintbrush
Bowser Jr. The brush is positioned behind the vehicle and lays a trail of Shadow Paint behind it. Any racers that drive in the paint will spin out.
Pinball Bumpers - Mario Kart X
Pinball Bumpers
Waluigi Based on the Waluigi Pinball track and the bumpers that appear on it; three small bumpers that can be laid on the track. Any racers that drive into them will be knocked around. They can be driven into three times before breaking.
Phantom Item Box
King Boo Acts like the Fake Item Box, except if a racer has an item or items, they will be stolen and given to King Boo. (Credit to MarioKartDSYes MarioKartWiiNo)
Goop Spew - Mario Kart X
Goop Spew
Petey Piranha Similar to the paint from Bowser Jr’s Shadow Paintbrush, except it’s a big glob on the ground rather than a trail.
Dry Shell - Mario Kart X
Dry Shell
Dry Bones Acts like a Red Shell, but it can reassemble itself and go after the next nearest racer after hitting the nearest racer. It can hit three racers before breaking.
Laser - Mario Kart X
R.O.B. A massive laser that fires straight forward before disappearing when it hits a wall. It will knock over any racers in its path.
Parasol - Mario Kart X
Baby Peach/Baby Daisy Not to be confused with the Glider. This item can only be used in the air. The parasol will open and it will let the user float to the ground. Can be closed mid-use, although this finishes the use of the item.
Luma Shot - Mario Kart X
Luma Shot
Rosalina Similar to the Boomerang Flower, except racers hit by Luma will have their item stolen and given to Rosalina. Has three uses.
Wave Ride - Mario Kart X
Wave Ride
Funky Kong A massive wave that Funky Kong’s vehicle surfs on. The wave propels forward and knocks over any racer it plows through.
Double Dry Shell - Mario Kart X
Double Dry Shell
Dry Bowser Same as Dry Bones', except there’s two of them.
Turnips - Mario Kart X
Shy Guy Three turnips that Shy Guy throws straight up in the air. If they hit a racer when they come back down, they flip them in the air.
Honey Splat - Mario Kart X
Honey Splat
Honey Queen A glob of honey that is thrown forward. If a racer is hit by it, their view/screen will be covered in honey, similar to Blooper ink. If it just hits the ground, it will stay there and slow down any racers that drive through it. It will stay there for ten seconds before disappearing.
Segment Scatter - Mario Kart X
Segment Scatter
Wiggler Throws Wiggler segments in every direction, which simply act like Banana Peels.
Cloud Lift - Mario Kart X
Cloud Lift
Lakitu Lifts Lakitu's vehicle into the air gradually before letting him fall back onto the track.
Launch Star - Mario Kart X
Launch Star
Baby Rosalina Propels Baby Rosalina's vehicle a good distance forward.
Magic Wand Blast - Mario Kart X
Magic Wand Blast
Larry/Ludwig/Iggy A blast from the Koopaling magic wand. Goes slowly forward in a straight line. Dissipates when it hits a wall and knocks racers over. Ludwig's blast is bigger and slower than Larry's, and Iggy's blast is smaller and faster than Larry's.
Bouncing Bombs - Mario Kart X
Bouncing Bombs
Lemmy Three bombs that bounce on the track three times before exploding.
Ring Shield - Mario Kart X
Ring Shield
Wendy Eight rings orbit around Wendy's vehicle, which protect against items. Each one is removed when an item hits it.
Bill Blaster - Mario Kart X
Bill Blaster
Roy Roy's Bill Cannon from New Super Mario Bros. U. It fires three small Bullet Bills forward.
Hammer - Mario Kart X
Morton A giant hammer appears in front of Morton’s vehicle. Pressing the item button while it’s active will slam it down, flattening any racer under it.
Ink Blaster - Mario Kart X
Ink Blaster
Inkling Rapid shots of ink forward. Any racers hit by the ink will spin out.
Hook Shot - Mario Kart X
Hook Shot
Link Fires the hook forward. Racers caught by it will be flung backwards. It can also grab item boxes.
Pitfall - Mario Kart X
Villager Leaves a trap on the ground indicated by a brown star. Racers that drive over it will be trapped in the ground for a few seconds before getting out.
Fishing Rod - Mario Kart X
Fishing Rod
Isabelle Similar to Link’s Hook Shot, except it can also grab racers that are in the air.
Capture - Mario Kart X
Cappy Cappy launches forward out of his vehicle. If he catches a racer, they will switch spots with Cappy.
Barrel (2)
Pauline Throws a rolling barrel in front or behind the vehicle. Will knock over racers.
Polterpup - Mario Kart X
E. Gadd Polterpup will run toward the nearest racer and give them a lick. They will spin out and have their view/screen obscured by drool. Can be blocked by towed items like a Red Shell can.
Magikoopa Wand - Mario Kart X
Magikoopa Wand
Kamek Three tiny blasts of magic from Kamek’s magic wand. If a racer is hit by it, they will suffer a random effect, usually those of another item. These effects have a chance of being positive as well as negative.
Bag Trap - Mario Kart X
Bag Trap
Nabbit Similar to Villager’s Pitfall; Nabbit lays a bag on the ground. If a racer drives over it, they will get trapped in the bag for a few seconds before being released.
Tornado - Mario Kart X
Boom Boom Boom Boom spins around like a top in his vehicle, releasing a tornado forward. Racers caught in it will be flipped in the air.
Chain Chompikins - Mario Kart X
Chain Chompikins
Madame Broode Same as Baby Mario and Luigi's Chain Chomp, except it lasts slightly longer. It also disappears when finished rather than detaching.
Hat Throw - Mario Kart X
Hat Throw
Topper Fires three hats forward that spin on the ground and knock racers over.
Mace Swing - Mario Kart X
Mace Swing
Hariet A mace swings around Hariet’s vehicle, knocking over racers. It lasts for five seconds before disappearing.
Saw Rush - Mario Kart X
Saw Rush
Rango Rango’s vehicle rushes forward with a saw blade in front of it, plowing into racers in its path.
Poison Spew - Mario Kart X
Poison Spew
Spewart Similar to Petey Piranha’s Goop Spew, except racers are slowed down in Spewart’s poison rather than spinning out. It lasts for ten seconds before disappearing.
Splash Shockwave - Mario Kart X
Splash Shockwave
Plessie Plessie jumps up and slams down on the ground, unleashing waves in every direction, causing racers to spin out. This has the same radius as the Super Horn.
Ponytail Hover - Mario Kart X
Ponytail Hover
Dixie Kong Hovers a few inches above the track, allowing Dixie Kong to avoid obstacles and pass over offroad ground.
Cannonball Frenzy - Mario Kart X
Cannonball Frenzy
King K. Rool Rapidly fires cannonballs straight forward.
Yamamura - Mario Kart X
Nina Lets Nina steal racer's items like a Boo, except it can be used three times.
Falcon Blast - Mario Kart X
Falcon Blast
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon blasts forward a good distance, plowing into racers in front of him.
Arwing Strike - Mario Kart X
Arwing Strike
Fox Calls in an Arwing that fires upon the track. Racers hit will be flipped in the air.
Pikmin Throw - Mario Kart X
Pikmin Throw
Olimar Three Pikmin that are thrown at the nearest racers. The different colours have different effects on racers. Red and blue will make the racer spin out, purple knocks them over, yellow shrinks them and white flips them in the air. The colours that Olimar receives are random, with blue occurring the most and white occurring the rarest.
Super Zapper Cannon - Mario Kart X
Super Zapper Cannon
Nitross Fires three massive blasts of energy at once, targeting the nearest three racers and flipping them into the air when hit.
Shot Put Ball - Mario Kart X
Shot Put Ball
Mii One of three Special Items that can be set for a Mii racer. An iron ball is thrown in an arc in front of the vehicle. Will roll for a few seconds before slowing down and stopping. Will knock over other racers. Based on the Mii Brawler move from Super Smash Bros.
Reflector - Mario Kart X
Mii One of three Special Items that can be set for a Mii racer. A force field appears around the vehicle that will reflect projectiles. Lasts for 10 seconds. Based on the Mii Gunner move "Echo Reflector" from Super Smash Bros.
Tornado - Mario Kart X
Tornado Charge
Mii One of three Special Items that can be set for a Mii racer. A tornado appears under the vehicle, propelling it forward and knocking over racers in front of it. Lasts for five seconds. Draws inspiration from the Mii Swordfighter move "Gale Strike" from Super Smash Bros.


Placement Item and Percentage
MKHF Number 1 Icon BananaMK8 GreenShellMK8 TripleBananaMK8 Fake Item Box - Mario Kart X SuperHornMK8
Banana: 50%
Green Shell: 20%
Triple Bananas: 12.5%
Fake Item Box: 12.5%
Super Horn: 5%
MKHF Number 2 Icon RedShellMK8 MushroomMarioKart8 GreenShellMK8 Double Cherry - Mario Kart X Special Item Symbol - Mario Kart X Bob-ombMK8 BoomerangFlowerMK8 CoinMK8
Red Shell: 25%
Mushroom: 25%
Green Shell: 15%
Double Cherry: 10%
Special Item: 10%
Bob-omb: 5%
Boomerang Flower: 5%
Coin (x3): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 3 Icon MushroomMarioKart8 TripleGreenShellsMK8 Fake Item Box - Mario Kart X MiniMushroomMK8 CapeFeatherMK8 FireFlowerMK8 CoinMK8
Mushroom: 25%
Triple Green Shells: 25%
Fake Item Box: 20%
Mini Mushroom: 10%
Feather: 10%
Fire Flower: 5%
Coin (x3): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 4 Icon 603px-BooNSMBWii GreenShellMK8 BananaMK8 Bob-ombMK8 SuperHornMK8 Special Item Symbol - Mario Kart X BoomerangFlowerMK8 SuperLeafMK8 ThunderCloudMK8 CoinMK8
Boo: 25%
Green Shell: 12.5%
Banana: 12.5%
Bob-omb: 10%
Super Horn: 10%
Special Item: 10%
Boomerang Flower: 5%
Super Leaf: 5%
Thundercloud: 5%
Coin (x3): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 5 Icon TripleMushroomMK8 RedShellMK8 Fake Item Box - Mario Kart X NewWingedBlueSpinyShellMK8 TripleBananaMK8 Special Item Symbol - Mario Kart X BlooperMK8 Bob-ombMK8 FireFlowerMK8 PiranhaPlantPotMK8 Cannon Box - Mario Kart X CoinMK8
Triple Mushrooms: 12.5%
Red Shell: 12.5%
Fake Item Box: 12.5%
Spiny Shell: 12.5%
Triple Bananas: 10%
Special Item: 10%
Blooper: 5%
Bob-omb: 5%
Fire Flower: 5%
Potted Piranha Plant: 5%
Cannon Box: 5%
Coin (x3): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 6 Icon ThunderCloudMK8 TripleRedShellsMK8 StarMK8 NewWingedBlueSpinyShellMK8 MegaMushroomMK8 Double Cherry - Mario Kart X BoomerangFlowerMK8 603px-BooNSMBWii CapeFeatherMK8 CoinMK8
Thundercloud: 20%
Triple Red Shells: 10%
Star: 10%
Spiny Shell: 10%
Mega Mushroom: 10%
Double Cherry: 10%
Boomerang Flower: 10%
Boo: 10%
Feather: 5%
Coin (x3): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 7 Icon Special Item Symbol - Mario Kart X TripleRedShellsMK8 BlooperMK8 POW Block - Mario Kart Wii NewWingedBlueSpinyShellMK8 MiniMushroomMK8 603px-BooNSMBWii BananaMK8 SuperLeafMK8 SuperHornMK8 CoinMK8
Special Item: 20%
Triple Red Shell: 10%
Blooper: 10%
POW Block: 10%
Spiny Shell: 10%
Mini Mushroom: 10%
Boo: 10%
Banana: 5%
Super Leaf: 5%
Super Horn: 5%
Coin (x5): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 8 Icon IceFlowerMK8 Cannon Box - Mario Kart X TripleGreenShellsMK8 PiranhaPlantPotMK8 RedShellMK8 StarMK8 NewWingedBlueSpinyShellMK8 ThunderCloudMK8 POW Block - Mario Kart Wii CoinMK8
Ice Flower: 25%
Cannon Box: 25%
Triple Green Shells: 10%
Potted Piranha Plant: 10%
Red Shell: 5%
Star: 5%
Spiny Shell: 5%
Thundercloud: 5%
POW Block: 5%
Coin (x5): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 9 Icon MegaMushroomMK8 Cannon Box - Mario Kart X Double Cherry - Mario Kart X Special Item Symbol - Mario Kart X POW Block - Mario Kart Wii PiranhaPlantPotMK8 MushroomMarioKart8 TripleRedShellsMK8 Bob-ombMK8 CoinMK8
Mega Mushroom: 20%
Cannon Box: 20%
Double Cherry: 10%
Special Item: 10%
POW Block: 10%
Potted Piranha Plant: 10%
Mushroom: 5%
Triple Red Shells: 5%
Bob-omb: 5%
Coin (x5): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 10 Icon TripleMushroomMK8 IceFlowerMK8 MegaMushroomMK8 FireFlowerMK8 LightningBoltMK8 Special Item Symbol - Mario Kart X CoinMK8
Triple Mushrooms: 20%
Ice Flower: 20%
Mega Mushroom: 20%
Fire Flower: 15%
Lightning: 15%
Special Item: 5%
Coin (x5): (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 11 Icon StarMK8 GoldenMushroomMK8 LightningBoltMK8 TripleMushroomMK8 CoinMK8
Star: 50%
Golden Mushroom: 25%
Lightning: 10%
Triple Mushrooms: 10%
Coin (x5): 5% (If amount is not full)
MKHF Number 12 Icon BulletBillMK8 StarMK8 LightningBoltMK8 GoldenMushroomMK8 Master X - Mario Kart X
Bullet Bill: 50%
Star: 25%
Lightning: 10%
Golden Mushroom: 10%
Master X: 5%


Mario Kart X features its own amiibo line, as well as being compatible with many others. Every playable character featured in the game has its own amiibo, featuring the character in a specific vehicle. The game also has a series of amiibo cards, like the Animal Crossing series. They feature both character cards and vehicle cards.

amiibo can be used for various things in the game. Just like in Mario Kart 8 and 8 Deluxe, they can be tapped in to unlock racing suits for Mii racers. In Adventure Mode, Mario Kart X series amiibo can be tapped in before a mission starts to use that character, even if you haven't unlocked them as playable yet (however, this does not unlock them). Upgrades bought in the shop can be saved to the amiibo. The amiibo cards contain upgrades that are applied to their corresponding character or vehicle.


The soundtrack for Mario Kart X is a mix of fanmade remixes, music from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart Tour, and music from other games.


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