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Vanilla Lake 2 is a track in Super Mario Kart and an Extra track in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. It is the fourth course in the Special Cup, and the third course in the Extra Special Cup in Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

The course surrounds an icy lake, much like the Mario Kart 64 course, Sherbet Land, and features ice blocks as obstacles. There's a wall of these blocks on the opposite side of the lake, with thin walls that could be passed through with extreme caution. But if you hit the ice blocks, they melt, slow you down, yet never appear for the rest of the race. A viable strategy is to use the melting ice blocks on the lake to powerslide, and so save some critical seconds.

In Mario Kart: Super Circuit, this track gains GBA Snow Land's background.

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Vanilla Lake 2
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