Water Park is the second course of the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 8. This course takes place in an amusement park and museum area with submarines that patrol the track and balloons that float out of pipes.

The staff ghost kart setup is Baby Luigi driving a Mr. Scooty with Roller wheels and a Super Glider.


Mario Kart 8

The course starts at the entrance to a ride known as the Sub Coaster. After going through the entrance building, the course splits into two jumps leading into a short underwater section. It isn't long before it turns to a large anti gravity loop.

On this loop, as well as before it, characters can hit the Marine Coasters and get a boost because they have Spin Boost pillars on the bottom of them. After the large loop, the track once again goes underwater leading to a curve around an Aqua Cups ride. Shortly after the turn is a gliding ramp leading to another ride called the Wario Wheel as well as the finish line behind it.


  • Players can use a Mushroom to boost across the Aqua Cups ride instead of taking the turn around it.



  • The map of the course is seen on some billboards around the course, likewise with Rainbow Road, Ribbon Road and GCN Yoshi Circuit.
  • The Aqua Cups ride has the merry-go-round music from Super Mario 64.
  • This is one of six courses in Mario Kart 8 where at least one anti-gravity zone doesn't end with a trick ramp or glider ramp, the others being Mario Circuit, Twisted Mansion, Rainbow Road, N64 Rainbow Road, and Wii Wario's Gold Mine.
  • The Water Park stage has a total of 30 obtainable coins.
  • Posters in the main lobby say the first model of the Sub Coaster was made in 1987. 1987 was the year Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race was released; the first racing game to feature Mario characters.
  • Before the finish line a screen can be seen displaying the course's map, this same detail can be found in Rainbow Road, GBA Ribbon Road and GCN Yoshi Circuit.
  • This is one of the four nitro tracks in Mario Kart 8 to only have an alternate music of their track. The others are Shy Guy Falls in Flower Cup, Dolphin Shoals in Star Cup, and Cloudtop Cruise in Special Cup. Coincidentally, they all appear separately in each nitro cup.

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