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Wild Woods is the third track of the Crossing Cup in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The staff ghost kart setup is male Villager driving the Streetle with Leaf tires and the Paper Glider.


The track starts out in anti-gravity, going up a tree. After going forward a bit, racers will reach a fork in the road. The left track has coins scattered through the road, while the right allows racers to perform many tricks. After this, the track passes through a small village, where numerous Shy Guys live.

After gliding over a large void and reach a circular platform, the boardwalk continues once racers have landed there. Taking a slight bend to the left, racers drop from the boardwalk to a passage with water running down the center, similar to Koopa Cape. Racers then exit the passage and fall to a shallow pond. It has enormous leaves floating with Boost Pads on them so that players can perform tricks.

After the pond, the racer will find the last ramp to jump over and land directly to another boardwalk over an anti-gravity pad. The track makes a slight detour to the left, which is also the last bend that leads the player back to the starting line.


  • Take the left route where the track splits near the beginning to take either of these shortcuts:
    • One can cut over a patch of grass cutting off a corner.
    • To the left of the jump ramp, one can take a small grass ramp, cutting off the turn leading to the main ramp.
  • Just before the finish line and located in the detour, there is a single jump ramp that can be taken using a Mushroom or a Star.



  • This is the only track to start in anti-gravity, but to not entirely be in anti-gravity.
    • This track uses anti-gravity sooner than any other track, as you start out using it.
  • This is the only new track in Mario Kart 8 in which its icon has the feature on the left side of the icon.
  • This is the only Mario Kart track in the series to have music in 5/4 time (five beats per measure).
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