A Yoshi Egg is a white egg with green spots. As the name implies, it is Yoshi's special item and can only be used by him (except for Petey Piranha and King Boo, they can use any special item). However, Birdo can also use her version, a white egg with pink spots. It is called a Birdo Egg.


As an item

  • Super Mario Kart: in Grand Prix mode, Yoshi can throw eggs on the track if he is a CPU. When this happens, the lower half of the screen shows the throw in action. When running into the egg, the kart spins out and the driver loses coins, after which the egg disappears. Humans playing as Yoshi cannot receive or use the egg item.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: contrary to Super Mario Kart, the egg can be used by a player racing as Yoshi instead of just the CPUs. It also works differently in that it homes in on enemies in front of Yoshi, similarly to how a Red or Spiny Shell works. It is also fragile because even if it fails to hit an opponent or structure after a while, it will break on its own. The egg itself can contain up to three random items that will be laid out on the track once the egg breaks. If the user is attacked by an item such as Lightning, the egg must be hit for it to drop items.

As scenery